14 February 2014

Pixar Interships

It's far from home, but it is Pixar.

03 February 2014

Digital Illustration Week 5 and more!


Here's a blog for everyone in the digital class to follow. Feel free to disregard the previous posts as they do not directly apply to this course.

Due 2-7 Week 5
Bring to class :
1) Printouts of business/promo cards - use the 4by6.com template, PRINTED OUT ACTUAL SIZE
2) Refinements of Oped piece
3) Finished Magazine piece
4) Listen to the Josh Cochran interview:


5) Ten sketchbook pages
6) Vectordiary.com up to day 19 - bring a gradient mesh object on 2-14, Week 6

Samples of Josh's work:

Due 2-14 Week 6
Bring to class:
1) Oped refinements
2) Magazine refinements
3) Business Card refinements
4) Bring in your gradient mesh object
5) Listen to Sam Weber interview on yourdreamsmynightmares.com
6) 10 sketchbook pages
7) Create an LETTERHEAD / INVOICE in Adobe Illustrator:
Note the examples given below. Ideally your invoice can be printed on your letterhead paper. Use the fonts used on your business/promo card. In addition to your information there should also be a place for an invoice number, date, goods/services, cost of product, total costs, client/company name, contact name. All parts (business/promo card, letterhead/invoice and envelope should appear to be part of a cohesive system and interdependent of one another.
Sample business systems and invoices :

A pretty pretend invoice by J. Hische :

Here is a good link on how to price your work:  http://studio-sweet-studio.com/post/24064780498/be-free-lance-pricing-part-3-so-far-in-our

Sam Weber:

Week 7 Due 2-21
Bring to class:
1) Oped refinements
2) Magazine refinements
3) Business Card refinements
4) Invoice/Letterhead refinements
5) Listen to Jon Klassen interview on http://yourdreamsmynightmares.com/post/47415506444/your-dreams-my-nightmares-episode-051-an
6) 10 sketchbook pages
7) Six sketches for a 7w x 9v book cover (any book you choose) create the sketches in illustrator and/or photoshop using the pen tool if you are feeling comfortable with it - if you are a design major and would like to make an all type cover please feel free to do so!

- We will review book sketches first. I will be leaving at 1.40 promptly today. If there are things you would like me to review but we do not get to in class, please email jpgs/150 dpi to me.

Week 8 FEB 2-28
1) Create Tumblr page or use one you already have. Post finished Oped and Magazine pieces and their corresponding sketches. Each piece and corresponding process sketches should have its own entry.
2) Refine book cover
3) Review final files to send to printer for business cards
4) 10 sketchbook pages
5) Vector diary up to day 23
6) Continue to bring in magazine, oped edits.

++++This is the class I am asking Karen, our Design Chair, to attend. Please put your best foot forward. Bring tangible print outs of ONE promo, ONE b/c card (trimmed down), and invoice for her to critique. We should not be seeing variations at this point. AS A COURTESY TO EVERYONE DO NOT MAKE PRINT OUTS DURING CLASS.

 Week 9  MARCH 7
This is our last in class critique before the final presentation. Please treat this as the final class and bring in finished work. We will have individual critiques.
1) Book cover, oped, full page magazine illo
2) Review final files to send to printer for business cards
3) 10 sketchbook pages
4) Vector diary up to day 26 - Bring in an example similar or the same as the object made on day 26  of the tutorial.

 Week 10 MARCH 14 - NO CLASS
Send your cards to the printer if you have not already done so - use whatever printing company you prefer.

FINAL MONDAY 3-17 10:30-12:30 
Bring in tangible prints of your work. Tack your final projects up on the wall or use magnets on the white board. You may not make prints during class.
1) OPED (b/w)
2) Magazine (full 8.5x11 page, full color)
3) Book Cover (7 x 9 full color)
4) Business/Promo card
5) Invoice
6) Post your book cover on your tumbler along with the sketches.
7) 100 sketchbook pages! I will count them, consider posting your favorites to your tumblr page!

20 May 2012

Oooh O-O-O-Omag

Artwork for The Light Between Oceans book review. In 1918, after four harrowing years on the Western Front, Tom Sherbourne returns to Australia to take a job as the lighthouse keeper on remote Janus Rock. To this isolated island, where the supply boat comes only four times a year and shore leaves are granted every other year at best, Tom brings a young, bold, and loving wife, Isabel. Three years later, after two miscarriages and one stillbirth, the grieving Isabel is tending the grave of her newly lost infant when she hears a baby’s cries on the wind. A boat has washed up on shore carrying a dead man and a living baby. Tom, whose records as a lighthouse keeper are meticulous and whose moral principles have withstood a horrific war, wants to report the dead man and the infant immediately. But Isabel has taken the tiny baby to her breast. Against Tom’s judgment, they claim the child as their own and name her Lucy, but a rift begins to grow between them. When Lucy is two, Tom and Isabel return to the mainland and are reminded that there are other people in the world…and one of them is desperate to find her lost baby.

Artwork for Dare Me book review. Since both girls were small, Addy Hanlon has always been Beth Cassidy's best friend and right-hand lieutenant. Beth calls the shots and Addy carries them out, a long-established order of things that has brought them to the pinnacle of their high-school careers. Now they're seniors who rule the intensely competitive cheer squad, feared and followed by the other girls - until the young new coach arrives.

Cool and commanding, an emissary from the adult world just beyond their reach, Coach Colette French draws Addy and the other cheerleaders into her life. Only Beth, unsettled by the new regime, remains outside Coach's golden circle, waging a subtle but vicious campaign to regain her position as "top girl" - both with the team and with Addy herself.

And then a suspicious suicide hits close to home, and the police investigation focuses on Coach and her squad. As Addy begins to suspect what really happened, the line between right and wrong grows blurrier, and she must decide where her loyalties truly lie-and how far is too far to go for someone you love.

The raw passions of girlhood are brought to life in this taut, unflinching exploration of friendship, ambition, and power. Award-winning novelist Megan Abbott, writing with what Tom Perrotta has hailed as "total authority and an almost desperate intensity," provides a harrowing glimpse into the dark heart of the all-American girl.

06 April 2012


My What is the What cover made it into American Illustration 31. Thank you illustration Gods!

20 April 2011

New work for O / Reading Room

AD: Angela Reichers (she's awesome)
O asks for each illustration to be different stylistically.

The Fates Will Have Their Way

Above image was for a combined review of two detective novels
bruno littlemore
memory palace
a scary book indeed

pictures of you


time of wonder / above image used as a  type embellishment

ten thousand saints


25 January 2011

Share Day

There is a now a baby, a new baby, a baby boy, to be precise, a baby boy named Calder, and he is wonderful. There has been a lot of work, I should post all about it- but no, instead I'd like to share some things that I hope transcend my own personal joys.

Things to Say
Jürg Lehni & Alex Rich
Nieves Books

Carta Marina

Almost sunrise in Sweden.

Almost sunset at home.

By one of my favorite artist heroines Rutu Modan.